Yes Jen! I'm ready to follow your plan and lose those pounds!

How to go from fat to fit...

She is a mother of two boys, wife, business owner or she likes to say a “mompreneur”, a lifestyle consultant, a model. 

She's been on Oprah, on CBS News, Fox5, E! Entertainment, on a gazillion magazine covers...  She is a BFN spokes model and we could spend entire pages going over what she does.

BUT it wasn't always this way. Jennifer is not some model in a magazine who's always looked great and just decided to model. 

She's actually a true before and after sensation.

You've seen her in the magazine with possibly the world's tiniest waist and figured that it must be easy for her but the truth is Jennifer has lost over 70 pounds of body fat... AND KEPT IT OFF!

As she says, you can lose the weight but the diet relapse is the maintaining part.  A lot of people can lose weight because they go on crash diets or they can start exercising two hours per day but you can't maintain that as a lifestyle. You lose the weight and then you go back to doing what you were doing with old habits and it usually always comes back.

Before you learn exactly how the fitness model program came to life, here is something to remember:

Weight loss is really about what works and what will work for longevity to give results. Life long-lasting results, so you don't find yourself again back where you were.

She's been able to obtain jaw dropping results to lead her to have a cover worthy body... her and her clients who tried the fitness model program are not just turning heads but they're breaking necks. 

People say, “Wow!  She looks healthy.  She looks super fit.”  But it's not about just losing those five pounds. 

It's about creating a super fit, jaw dropping, mind boggling body that people are just in awe of. A body that would make traffic stop if you walked on the street.  And that's what she wants to empower women with and give them that gift of not working out harder, but working out smarter. Continued next page...

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