Yes Jen! I want to lose it once and for all!

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Anybody can start doing three hours of cardio a day and starve themselves and if you do that, you might lose weight but you're not going to feel good. 

You're not going to look good because yeah, you've lost weight but if you were a pear, now you're just a smaller pear.

You don't look healthy.  You're not fit.  You're not energetic.

And that's cause you're doing it the wrong way.

And you think that, “If I just push play on that cardio machine and I just get in there and just do it for two hours, I've achieved my goals.”  You're actually wasting time.

So many people say they want to lose weight.  They start all these diets and they do things... they do too much and burn out or they just never follow through long enough to see results. 

And I've always said, “They got to find inside themselves.” 

External motivation can help but you got to find that one thing inside you that truly makes you want to change. What is it for you?  What is that one thing that will make you say: “I can't stand this anymore.  Enough is enough.”  What is it that will not only make you start to change your life but make you stick with it? 

Jennifer got to where she wanted to be and she's been like that for four or five years now.

 - "Change can happen in an instant.  It doesn't take five years for something to happen.  It's a course and accumulation of events but I've had a couple of 'aha' moments where I said: 'Enough is enough.  I deserve better in my life and I'm going to achieve it.  And I can't allow other people to drive my destiny for myself. '
So I saw myself in my infamous before photo which is in that two-piece fuchsia bikini and that was an experience.  I just knew I was out of shape.  I didn't know I was that out of shape.  So I had that big awakening moment where I said: 'Wow, if I just carry on like this pretty soon I'm going to end up like every other woman who is just miserable or comfortably miserable in our own body, in our own life.' And I said, 'You know what, I want mine to live.  I want to be the fittest and the strongest I can be.'  And I've lost weight before.  So I changed my mindset where not only do I want to lose weight because if you lose something, you subconsciously go looking for it.  You'll find it back in your body like Oprah did. 

My point is...  find your 'aha' moment, take you before photo today, put it on your bathrooms.  When you wake up, you see it everyday.   Mark down what you weigh today.  Make sure you know where you're starting in your goals of progression. 

Also it's just my sons.  I knew I had to be a healthier, fitter mother.  So instead of losing weight, I said, 'I'm going to gain.'  I'm going to flip the coin on it's head and say, “This time around, I'm going to gain endurance, stamina, and energy.  I'm going to gain a whole new identity.  I want to gain the identity of an athlete.”  So I started training like an athlete and my body started looking more athletic.  I've been a skinny person, you still look horrible in a bikini.

You look flabby.  You look weak.  You look very, very…almost stressed and very shallow in the face that you don't look healthy.  So I wanted to have that robust, strong, healthy, fit look so when I gained the identity on an athlete, I started to look like one, and now I, you know, I felt the best ever." Next page...