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You have to learn to enjoy the journey. 

You know what, it's not even necessarily that 'Yeah, you want to hit your goals and that's important and you have to set them' but don't focus just on that.  Enjoy the process along the way.  Enjoy the changes you're making.  I mean, you know, even before you start seeing results that you want to see in the mirror, you're going to feel those results.

Give yourself the gift of exercise.

If you can focus on things like that along the way, you're going to get to your goals.

It's the mind-body connection.  If you just know when you go into your workout and you equip yourself with those tried and true, fail proof, get results guaranteed workout and the food plans, you've already had the success of gaining your dream body because the workout works.  The food plans work.  The new lifestyle works.  You just have to allow it to work in your life.  And then you can have that peace and comfort, enjoying knowing that:

 "Hey, I'm not wasting my time.The results will come.  I just have to keep at it and enjoy it.”  And right there you’ve already won.  You already have the victory.  And like you can feel it. Next page...