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Once you have a program to follow, it takes all the guess work out of it.

This is not the blind leading the blind, I've done it.  I've been an internationally recognized, weight loss success story, who's maintained the results and their secrets are the same as my secrets, the weight training is a foundation and it worked. I've been able to carve out my fat and frumpy body into something that's super fit and strong and it's all with weight training and proper nutrition.  And I'm not saying go out there and work out.  I'm saying work out with a guide that will give you answers.  So this way, you're not wasting your time. 

that I've learned along the way what worked and there's no excuses, you could always eat right and train right because now, once you have guess work taken out of it, you're going to only see results even quicker and faster.

Here's the most common excuse I hear from people who don't exercise.  You know, they don't train, they don't eat right cause they don't have the time.  They're too busy, you know.

That lack of time is actually an underlying lie.  It is a belief system that people have... yes, have! For so many years, have just lied to themselves because they're lost.  They don't have that road map.  They don't have a treasure map that says, “OK, 10 steps to the right and 10 steps this way and there's X marks the spot.  There's your body.  There's your result.”

So you know what, that excuse is gone now because you're not going to waste time.  You're not going to have even more than an hour a day, four times a week, you know.  That's the power of it.  It's not that you have to go somewhere and kill yourself in a gym for three hours and eat little to nothing.  This is a food plan.  My program that I use daily, four times a week.  If I want to have another workout, I will.  And there is time.  You can create time.  I don't have time if I wanted to say it, mom, kid, life, you know, my business.  But I make time because I know that I'm going to get the results and it's going to give me 10 times more benefit than the cost.

Forty-five minutes to an hour of my time a day is worth the unlimited health benefit, mental energy-boosting benefits, than any other hour I could totally devote. Next page...