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Jennifer knows what it's like to be overweight and to be unhappy and to start buying clothes in order to try and look thinner. 

She knows.

In her words:

"Mask it up.  Cover it up.  The big black baggy clothes and a lot of big hair and makeup to really deter the focus on my weight.  But now, I get to go into any store and pick out anything that I want to wear and that's the gift that I want to give other women and empower them too. I used to silently suffer on my own big body. I finally have been able to take off my fat suit to reveal the thinner better me and now I can have other

women do that too by working out smarter.  I've trained two hours, three hours a day, ate little to nothing, and I looked like a skinny fat person and  my metabolism would lock up.  So I don't want women to start doing it the wrong way this new year.  It's 2009 soon, and what we can do is set ourselves up for success, by using the principles in the program that I really designed to help women get their results quicker, easier, more efficiently and effectively.

To allow them to have more time for achieving other goals in their lives and spend quality time with their friends and family and really enjoy it.  That's the part of it, enjoying the process of achieving your perfect dream body. Continued next page...